Time Capsule


Dear Future Self,

You have to remember where you started from to move forward in life,remember in the beginning how hard it was to work CUNY blackboard since it was a platform you’ve never used before and now your using it like a champ.There are going to be some walls in your like like multiple homework assignments due at different times and your stressing out what to do to receive a good grade in all of them but just breath,relax and work through it step by step,even though computer engineering classes are mostly working with math learning how to read carefully so you can figure out hidden messages and understanding questions is a good thing so you won’t mess up a calculation and have to retry it.Just because something is too hard to do doesn’t mean you have to give up keep trying, remember all of this work would be useful to achieve higher in our career as a computer engineer in the future.

After(3 Months ago):

Hello Past self, I did it I got through my first semester of college, it was hard trying to balance work, school work, and life in general, but it all worked out in the end. The first semester was a good one, I met a lot of new people and we ended up becoming friends since we were in the same class together. In a class called EMT 1130, I was able to build a type of box that was able to tamper with LEDs making them turn on and off in different patterns, and in a class called EMT 1150, I learned things like series, parallel, and series-parallel circuits which you can find in your Tv’s, Phones, and computers, these types of circuits tell us how much electricity, power, and resistance is flowing through your devices when it’s on or off.  I had a lot of fun this semester and I hope next semester is just as fun or even better, I also hope it’s in person so I can meet other people in the process.

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