The Money by Junot Diaz

Errol Smith

English 1101-D376

Summary of “The Money” by Junot Diaz

The story ” The Money” by Junot Diaz is about a Dominican house that was burglarized while on a summer vacation. They were a struggling family of five children and two parents also their father wasn’t able to keep a job. The narrator Junot then discussed the incident with her friends and found out they robbed the house because of her suspiciousness. Junot was able to find out because ” they were shaking and mouthing all the wrong words”. Junot wanted revenge so by sneaking into one of their house and steal a lot of items. She then went to her friends house and planed on how to unlatch the window. After leaving her friend house she pretended she left something in the bathroom. Attempting to burglarize his friends home to seek revenge, he found the money that was stolen but was thinking about keeping it to himself but later gave it to his mother.