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  • still confused
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    stephanie s

    Hi all!

    I know this sounds cantankerous but I am still confused about the project. I read Kenien’s description. We are supposed to have a 5 minute panel discussion. I get that part. But what I don’t understand is the reasoning behind the proposed ideas. Can we discuss anything in the whole wide world? If so, shouldn’t we be thinking along more interesting lines? I don’t think the fact that I find talking about the construction mind numbingly boring is a plus, nor is it a valid counter point to anything.

    Please, tell me what I am missing AND when we plan on filming.

    best regards,

    FAB #4


    Kenien Spann

    the reasoning was we just thought about things to talk about, that wouldnt take much time, that we all had opinions on. the common one that we all had was how pissed we were at construction efforts at the school, between vorhees, namm, and klitgord. filming is post break, tomorrows “goal” is storyboard and timeline. un/fortunately, i just took an off broadway gig and will be leaving class early. conveniently, we’ve this page to keep dialog going about the project after class.

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