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  • Ideas for group project 2
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    Kenien Spann

    The project is as follows

    – panel discussion
    – 5 minutes on a subject (total video time)
    – each member is on panel
    – response shots
    – the goal is continuity and illusion

    – close and room miking
    – 5 lighting techniques

    – dialogue and cam script/storyboard
    – raw footage and final cut
    – analysis of lighting and audio setup

    – 1 lav, 1 room mic
    – 1 cam
    – 1 card
    – 1 lighting rig
    – 10×10 space

    Possible topics as discussed in class are:
    – Construction at Vorhees
    – City tech internet connection


    These are my ideas for a topic and why.

    1 .School Construction; Easy to get insert footage.

    2. The Dangers of Halloween;… The disguise’s will easy the pain of being camara shy. {This could be very funny}

    3. Why we took this course, and how does if fit in our future goals; …It wll come out natural.


    Kenien Spann

    I like the school construction one best. We just need to make sure we don’t get off track


    stephanie s

    i’m sorry i missed the project intro and please forgive me if my comment is out of wack but – school construction sounds boring.

    Is the panel discussion open to anything?


    Kenien Spann

    We mean the construction going on in the vorhees building. The project only is 5 minutes long max.



    The Voorhees construction topic seems to be interesting one because it is already generating one different opinion. Stephanie has a point and we can use that as a one point of discussion on the 5 minutes video. :)

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