The City Tech Bugle

      Our topic is on information resources which are databases that contain specified information on anything you can think of, from world history to the life of President Barack Obama. The information resource that we have chosen to model is a magazine. A magazine is usually narrowed down to a specific topic, rather than a newspaper, which contains information on a plethora of subjects. A magazine contains everything there is to know about a centralized topic, for example, a magazine about fishing would contain knowledge about the different types of fish, bate, and lakes that are good environments to fish in.

We used the Internet to gather ideas and sources for the information resource project. To explain the reasons for the usage of the sources we picked, the owl was chosen for the project avatar image since it is the symbol of knowledge. For the project site, a Rubik cube image is ideal since we are incorporating together different types of information as the cube is a combination of pieces. Since our information resource would be based on a magazine format, it would look similar to the New York Magazine. The format of the NY Magazine is organized into categories such as entertainment, fashion, and restaurants. Our magazine would follow a similar example in having school information categories/columns regarding sports, live productions/plays, food, classes/majors, club activities, and health. Another source was the college’s website which was helpful towards the research since it provided information on the topic categories such as majors, important dates, and events. These sources have provided examples and ideas for the base of the information resource and organization.

      Our research lead us to model our information resource on the “New York” magazine because of it’s simplistic and user friendly manner in terms of information layout, because of this, we got the idea to mimic our webpage based on their format. Since the “New York” magazine is based on information that makes up the city, like its distinguished restaurants and fashion shows, we got the idea to write about City Tech campus life and the traits that make it one of a kind. We knew that we wanted to include certain majors in the magazine, thus we based it off of our own, what better source than ourselves (the students) who are currently enrolled in them to get the information. In the small articles concerning our majors, we will include things like their special events, achievements, and career opportunities after college.

      Our magazine website will focus on City Tech activities and events as well as containing information on two specific college majors: Chemical Technology and Entertainment Technology. Our magazine will be available both electronically and in  print. The name of our magazine is “The City Tech Bugle” which is based off the “New Yorker” magazine. The information provided in “The City Tech Bugle” will be based on current events and the latest information available, making the City Tech campus life available to all those who wish to participate and be well informed on the events going on in the institution. Information like blood drives, club activities and sports will be posted on the website and published in our monthly issues. “The City Tech Bugle” is designed towards students that want to get both involved and informed on the things going on in campus. Through our magazine they will have an early advantage in the specified majors and will have a much better chance of graduating and being selected  for their desired career.

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