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    Angel Vallejo

    I remember when cellphones weren’t so big.

    I remember when cartoons were actually entertaining.

    I remember looking forward to nap time.

    I remember never falling asleep during nap time.

    I remember going inside the girls bathroom by accident. One girl seen me walk in and screamed her lungs out. I assume she was caught off guard.

    I remember running up to my mom whenever my report card was amazing. I just knew she was going to reward me, and she never failed.

    I remember walking in on my parents having sex.

    I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT ! It was so traumatizing.

    I remember feeling like the man when I was the line leader.

    I remember when I believed in Santa Claus.

    I remember being scared of the dark.

    I remember Professor Ostiz telling us to write only 10 I remembers, oops I see extra credit in my future.

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