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    I remember Raleigh the parrot at the Embassy Suites in Raleigh, North Carolina. My dad would take me there when he came to visit on weekends or during spring breaks.

    I remember living in the projects in Jacksonville, North Carolina. We lived in a rental my grandfather owns down town. Most of the “metropolitan” area consists of Hotles, restaurants, and a shopping center connected to the local Walmart. Jacksonville is at its very core a military town. Camp Lejeune lies at the heart of the city near the Swansboro limits.

    I remember my best friends that I left behind when I moved to New York in 2010. I often wonder how they’re doing and if they miss me.

    I remember the first time I made my mother cry. It was a sunny afternoon on August 27, 2010. My father’s birthday and the day I moved out.

    I remember my curfew being when the street lamps turned on.

    I remember the first song I finished writing.

    I remember crossing a major road to walk to school. Western Boulevard is and always has been a busy and dangerous road.

    I remember living with my Aunt and Uncle outside of Charlotte for 6 months. My cousins and I would always end up in trouble. Sometimes we’d hide under beds or in a cupboard from my Aunt. We were always more like siblings than cousins. Getting in trouble was always an adventure until the various punishments came.

    I remember my Aunt’s hand-shaped fly swatter.

    I remember my first dog Pepper Anne. She’s 13 now and still as strong as she was the first night she came home with us.

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