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    I remember trying to cook by myself for the first time, it didn’t go very well.

    I remember when I was a kid my aunt took me and my cousins to a lot of places. She used to take us bowling a lot. She would take us to the movies every weekend. She would also take us out to eat at different places.

    I remember the first time I went to Jamaica.

    I remember my first day of college was really boring.

    I remember my first girlfriend. Her mom was a teacher at our school. She was always scared she was going to get caught if she kissed me. One day I was kidding her outside the gym teacher caught us and told her mom.

    I remember my senior trip in high school. I threw a party in my hotel room and it got shutdown in like a hour.

    I remember the first time I tried to eat octopus I threw up.

    I remember when I went to go buy my first phone. I had got money for my birthday and wanted to by a phone. As soon I got the phone and went outside it fell in the street and got run over by a bus. I had warranty so I got another phone right away.

    I remember when my mom finally gave me the keys to my house in third grade.

    I remember when I had got my first bike as a kid. It was black and it had pegs on the front and back wheels. My cousin liked to ride on the pegs. One day I was riding down a hill with my cousins on the pegs. My cousins jumped off and made me lose balance of the bike. I lost control and fell into the garbage.

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