ENG 1101 – E007

December 20th 2012, Courtney Lewis moved out of his parents house and swore to never comeback. It was his first attempt in becoming an independent young adult. Courtney’s parents tried to persuade him not leave, but it surely did not work. Courtney moved all the way to Brooklyn, in the Dumbo area. He was free to d as he pleased. He was not one hundred percent sure of what he had gotten himself into but, it had to be done. the first day of Courtney’s independence went well and he began to enjoy it. The second day in his apartment, he heard a noise and he almost left and went back to his parent’s house but as he tried to run out, he thought about a he would lose, plus he will be teased if he returned. Courtney decided to stick it out for the night. The next morning Courtney went and bought a Doberman for protection. He realized the dog couldn’t do much because he is still a puppy. He heard the noise again and he went to the doorman to call the super-intendant. The super-intendant simply told him that it was just the pipes. He felt like a complete idiot. Courtney is never going back to his parents house unless he needs anything like food or even a lamp.

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