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    HP Proliant I MySQL server
    Install MySQL if not installed & check for running service: netstat -tap |grep mysql
    Restart if needed: service mysql restart
    Check the machine’s IP address: ifconfig
    Edit config file: vim /etc/mysql/my.cnf
    Add the ip from above & un comment the line: bind-address = x.x.x.x (or to listen on all interfaces)

    Set up mysql admin user: mysql -u root –password
    Create database & users:
    mysql> create database opensimdb;
    > use opensimdb;
    > create user ‘osuser’@’localhost’ identified by ‘opensimpasswd’;
    > create user ‘osuser’@’%’ identified by ‘opensimpasswd’;
    > grant all on opensimdb.* to ‘osuser’@’localhost’;
    > grant all on opensimdb.* to ‘osuser’@’%’;
    > quit

    Other ways of logging in & commands (local console):
    mysql -u osuser -p -D opensimdb
    status; show grants; show processlist; show tables; select * from table_name; describe table_name;
    (h help, c clear buffer, g send command, q quit)

    Test connection from python:
    import MySQLdb
    db = MySQLdb.connect( host=”x.x.x.x”, user=”root”, passwd=”pass”, db=”opensimdb” )

    Check for open MySQL ports:
    nmap -sS ip_of_sql_server
    nmap -sS -p 3306 ip_of_sql_server

    Activate opensim config file:
    cp opensim.ini.example opensim.ini

    Set OpenSIM to run in Grid mode:
    vim opensim.ini
    comment (;) include-architecture = “config-include/standalone.ini”
    un comment include-architecture = “config-include/grid.ini”
    Leave all others commented

    activate grid config file:
    cp bin/config-include/gridcommon.ini.example bin/config-include/gridcommon.ini

    Set mysql settings:

    Point grid services to robust instance:
    vim bin/config-include/gridcommon.ini
    change AssetServerURI, InventoryServerURI, *URI etc…. to point to the robust server instance (local in this case)
    e.g: GrinInfoURI = “http://localhost:8003”
    AssetServerURI = “http://x.x.x.x:8003”
    *** :%s/old/new/gc *** find each occurrence of old and replace it with new, with confirmation

    The login port for viewers (clients) changes from 9000 to 8002 in grid mode.

    When an existing region is connected to a robust instance it will automatically load into the world and render in existing viewers, but will be missing any created objects and structures (they are stored in the db and must be migrated).
    If a region is brought down while users are connected to it, they will be logged off, but if they are connected to an adjacent region, they will just see it disappear in their viewers.

    Migrating Region and Content to a new instance/configuration:
    Start old opensim instance in it’s original config (mono opensim.exe)
    in the server console type:
    change region Region_Name
    save oar ../Region_Name
    Start the new instance/configuration
    change region Region_Name
    load oar ../Region_Name

    Make user accounts at the robust server command line:
    create user

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