Strengthening Research Interactions through Digital Expression (STRIDE)

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    Today we further explored the Milgram Experiment which measured ordinary law-abiding citizens willingness to obey authority, even if it went again their personal conscience. Participants were put in front of a large machine which they believed were shocking an actor in the next room, however it was all fake. The actors were given a series of questions but would continuously end up getting them wrong allowing participants to administer shocks. The shocks even went all the way to 450 which was labeled on the machine XXX and by the time those numbers were reached, the actors went silent giving the illusion they might have passed out or been killed. It was interesting to see how people reacted in this experiment, some even passed the blame on their action to the authority figure but still continued the experiment. The participants didn’t have to continue, since the scientist were not forcing them, yet they did all because they believed that they had to obey without any remorse towards the man in the other room.

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