Stories of Service

Karol Piotrowski

Colleen McCauley is a 19 year old girl that is attending her first year at City Tech.  She was born and raised in Queens, and attended Rachel Carson High School for Coastal Studies. She enjoys reading books about fiction but enjoys love stories that don’t follow the exhausted patterns like; boy meets girl, girl rejects boy, boy does something spectacular and wins over girl. Colleen enjoys listening to a wide range of music. She enjoys listening to Country, but also enjoys Heavy Metal and Dubstep. Despite listening to a lot of instrumental music, Colleen does not know how to play any instruments for the time being. In her spare time, Colleen is reading, The Battle for Breezy Point, it is an incredible retelling of the hardships that the people of Breezy Point had to endure. From Hurricane Sandy, destroying 202 homes and severely damaging an additional 2,219. To the residential fire that had destroyed another 126 homes. Colleen’s favorite color is purple and she also enjoys watching Horror movies.