Stories of Service

El Java Washington

Rob Ostrom

September 1, 2015


In this paper I will be giving you a brief understanding of who Leo is. He is a 18 year old male who is from Brooklyn, NY. He is looking to become a stronger individual that he knows he could be. Coming straight out of high school he is bound to make mistakes. That’s okay because everyone makes mistakes and you have to learn from them right? In high school his biggest challenge was being able to make it to his classes on time. Someone trying to succeed this does not seem like something they would do right? You can’t penalize him for being late. Everyone has been late a time in their life. Stepping into the real world now he is looking to better his communication skills. Sometimes you have to learn how to adapt yourself to the different kinds of people you are around. You have to know what voice to use and where depending on the setting you are in. Coming into college he feels a little taken back because it was just two months ago that he was walking down the aisle look at his family member who was cheering him on for completing such a big part of his life. If he stays focused he is confident that he will do very well in his classes. The only thing he has to do is keep a clear mind and stress free. In life we all have that one fear that will stop us from keep pushing. His biggest fear is not going far in life knowing that he gave up. If he keeps on striving for the best for himself he will complete any obstacle that is in his way. Leo feels that college is going to open more opportunities for him in life. These may not be the ones that he is looking for in the long run, but for the moment these are going to get him to the places that he needs to be.