Statistics with Probability

Jude Dorcent

Math 1372


Among all the disease in the United States of America, heart disease is the leading cause of death.  There are different types of heart disease, one of the most common one is the coronary artery disease which cause heart attack which is very common now days and one of the scariest moment someone can have in their lives. The reason I am interested in that topic is because I think that a lot of people don’t really know much about the steps they can take to prevent them being a victim. It is believed that smoking, high blood pressure and high LDL cholesterol, are the main factors that can lead to heart disease. One can agree that the lifestyle of someone can also lead him/her to heart disease, for example someone who is obese is at a high risk of having heart disease. For every four deaths that occur in the USA one out of the four is related to heart disease. Based on the information that I got I can say that they use these values to give us the public a better understanding on how severe this disease is.

According to the “Harvard Women’s Health Watch” Women are likely to die from heart disease than men, Women also have a higher rate of having a second heart attack after being treated for the first one. In a journal written by Wesley L. James and Ronald E. Cossman, they stated that “from the year 2000 to 2006 more than 99% of all heart disease cases were from people of age 35 and higher”. They made this conclusion based on a research that was done by the IMS Health, Inc.

I can say that the article from David Brooks has a lot of good information and yes data are being used now days in almost everything. I can say that using data also help someone to understand the effect of heart disease in our society today and by using all these data I think that giving the public a number of cases and death makes it easier for the public to understand and also to take a stand. I realize that when people see number they give more attention to the matter. True I can agree with Brooks but on the second part of the article I think he is also right because statistics can not be used on everything. I can say that statistics can not be used to determine the number of people who will die or affected by a specific disease in a time period because human don’t have control over such thing.






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