Statistics with Probability

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    I don’t have access to excel so I use libre office instead.

    For homework problem 3.6.1, I sort my data and create 7 bins (width of five). The problem seems to start when I try to enter frequency. I select the data arrays and bins as I should, but the histogram itself doesn’t come out right. It ignores the bin numbers entirely and simply counts from 1-7.


    Ezra Halleck

    I don’t know how libre office works, but if it works like Excel, once you have the histogram with default horizontal axis labels (numbers 1-7), you right click on the chart and then click on the “select data” menu item, which opens a dialogue box. On the right hand side of the box, you will see an area for modifying the horizontal axis labels. Click (at the top) and shift click (on the bottom of the) axis labels you desire and then hit ok a couple of times.

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