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    Ezra Halleck

    7. Is TV watching among children related to being overweight?
    (col A: lbs overwt (or underwt), col B: hr/wk of TV watching).
    (a) Find the trend line and interpret the slope and y-intercept.
    (b) What is the correlation coefficient? How closely are the variables correlated?
    (c) What is the average number of lbs the children are overweight? How many hours of TV do they view per week on average?
    (d) Verify that the coordinate corresponding to the answers to c. lies on the trend line.



    Professor, I understand the gist of this problem but it cannot be solved as there is no data provided.

    (col A:) Where are the (lbs overwt / lbs underwt) samples?
    (col B:) Where are the (hr/wk of TV watching) samples?


    Ezra Halleck

    The data files are in the excel file on the “exams” page:


    Hey Prof, I’m confused because I didn’t expect some of the weight scores to be negative. Even with some of the weight scores being negative do I still go about solving the problem the same way?


    Ezra Halleck

    The variables are pounds overweight (positive) or underweight (negative) vs tv watching time, so it does make sense for some of the data to have negative x components.

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