Statistics with Probability

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    Hi class, im Mohammed Jaber. I know we are all late in signing up, except Afzal so he doesnt count, jk. If this is you first time signing up for openlab then go to for help in understanding how to use it. This openlab is a new website created by citytech in order to help people communicate and share class work.

    You should get familiar with openlab because more city tech courses are starting to use it, so expect more of it in the future.




    hi, i hope we can get a good grade on finals!


    Hello World!


    hey, hi, hello, this is cool, OPENLAB is the best, im learning so much from my fellow city tech alumni, professor halleck good teaching, thanks for encouraging us to join this openlab.


    hello everyone.. good luck on the finals



    first time using openlab and the final test for this class is today! gl everyone…..



    Good luck on the finals guys! Study hard))

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