Statistics and Probability Simulations

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    Dr Sabbah

    Michael, when you mentioned Prof Halleck i didn’t recognize the name, because I only remembered his first name.

    Prof Halleck, we have worked together in the summer institute, I saw you this past Friday at the learning lab event, and also at the online teaching seminar. I’m the Professor with the pony tail. Michael is in my CST3513 class, which is the second Java course in our department. We have had discussions about his interest in statistical simulations, and especially their relation to music.

    I would be happy to aid either of you if you need help with the programming side of things. I also was a computational mathematics major as an undergrad, and my research usually involves security and privacy in ad hoc networks, sensor networks, and other embedded systems. One aspect of Michael’s interest involved a glove which I noticed uses sensors and makes use of embedded programming.

    –Eric Sabbah

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