Starbucks Social Media Strike

Starbucks was making 8 million in the last quarter of the 2009 fiscal year.When Starbucks joined Facebook in late 2009 they were getting more business. It is thanks to Starbucks social Media mission that sales have been driven up to today where Starbucks made 72 million in the last fiscal year alone.  with campaign like ; Blonde Roast which was a coffee give away to promote there new blend, Pumpkin Latte which was a campaign to have one town win the seasonal drink one week early, and Red Rush To Zero which was a cooperative campaign with Linked-In that would donate a percent  of every sale to AIDS research. Starbucks did have some troubles with social media as well, the most recent example being the removal of “Merry Christmas” from there holiday cups. This enraged the christian population of the united states this did cause a revenue drop from the center of the US in the first quarter of 2016 compared to the first quarter of 2015, but over all this had a negligible effect on over all US sales.


Sources: Q1 2016 earnings, and Q1 2015 Earnings. (for social media pushes) (2009 fiscal report)

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