SPRING 2021 ENG 1141-OL07: Introduction to Creative Writing

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    Saaman Ali

    As usual I woke up around 6:30. I woke up and the first thing I did was made a gym appointment for the day. Since it’s COVID-19 my gym requires us to make an appointment for us to do gym session. After that I freshened up and made coffee and oats for breakfast. At 7:30am I went for a bike ride with my friends. We were heading towards the beach. We were just riding down the blocks and just chilling. As we were riding down the block I noticed that each block had some sort of it’s own energy level. The particular reason for this circumstance is that on some blocks we were going really fast and some blocks we were going at moderate to slow speed. As we were passing the people around us were looking at us really weirdly mainly because my friends and I have these neck gators that have skeleton face on them, so it looks cool and makes use a mask. So we reach the beach around 8:10am and we just sit on the benches for an hour to relax our minds. While we were sitting on the beach along side the waves. It was so peaceful that it made me feel sleepy again. With or without friends I go to the beach every morning because it helps me relax and feel good about myself and helps me start my day with positive energy.

    Around 9:30 we leave from the beach and we are heading back our places because we all had class in an hour. Around 4:30pm I do my lunch and leave for the gym at exactly 5pm. since I scheduled for my gym in the morning I had limited time so I had to make use of that time. At 5:30 I’m at the gym with my friends. We trained our arms and left at 7pm. After the gym session we rode back to a park that we go to everyday after our gym session just to relax for a bit and then we head back home. At 9pm I head back for home, when I get back home I grab some snacks and just chill on the couch for about an hour and then go to sleep at 11pm. This relates to Joan Didion’s “Why I Write” in a sense that I like to follow a routine through out my day and explore as much as I can in the day. I try to exceed my expectations everyday and see how far I can go.


    Jennifer Sears

    You posted this after our last synchronous session, which is after this was due. Please make sure to post on time this week. The deadlines are for attendance and also to make sure you’ve read the materials for our synchronous class.! Though it was too at, the response you offer here is thoughtful and well considered. You detail the experience of wearing masks, and how we are all getting more familiar with vocabulary of masks.

    Let me know if you have further questions,
    Prof. Sears

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