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    Arianna Betancourt

    How to become the perfect human:

    “To be the perfect human you must have no flaw! You must not practice being selfish to one another, ” Jen’s mom said. Jenna is a pure church girl whom followed her mother’s every command to be the perfect human being. There was no other way to go about life. Only through her mother recognition. She became a selfless person in many people eyes. Some believed she was brainwashed and could not make decisions for herself.
    As Jenna became older, she questioned about her mother’s way of living. “Mom, what does it mean to perfect? Are you perfect?” Jenna mom replied, “Perfect, to follow my teachings without question. You will be the perfect Christian woman, and have a wonderful husband. Don’t worry dear, not everyone is perfect. You are the very few in the family.”
    Years past, Jenna became older. She had encountered friends whom did not understand why she was the way she was. “Jenna, when will you learn not to take life so seriously” Ashley asked. Jenna didn’t understand the means of her mother doings. She said “Why not, hand me a bottle!” They drank until the morning sun. She would sneak out to be with her friends, drinking, partying and still would make it on time for Sunday church.
    She began to change perspective of how life should be. Her morals and beliefs about life changed while exploring with her friends. How close minded her mother is about the world. Her mother’ definition of perfect disgusted her, to have to rely on a man to be complete as a Christian, nonetheless as a woman! Jenna knew the perfect human does exist, you define perfect. You’re perfect in your own way, there is no need for definition.


    Iris Alarcon

    How to trust
    You want to look at the person and think they could never do me wrong. They wouldn’t betray me because I didn’t Betray them. As they tell you to trust them without even knowing them. You feel like you shouldn’t but you don’t know what good is in their hearts. As your mom would say you know their face but not their heart. Look at them straight in their eyes and tell them how much you trust them. As they look back and say I know u don’t because of your silence. You hear them saying they wish they never met you but listen when they say I couldn’t be without you. You go to your room and start painting to stop the thoughts in your head. Your mom walks in and says food is ready and you just want to cry and tell her everything that happened. You know she would be there for you but you also know she will stress about it. All you can do is suck it up and let the brush of paint feel all your pain. Little did you, those paintings full of pain and confusion, would turn into one of your biggest happiness and the only one you could trust. You wake up to a phone call from your Tia she yells “ ohhhhhh myyyy you don’t know what I just saw , your painting was the cover of *colombian magazine*” you couldn’t believe her. Where did they get your painting and how and why? So many thoughts running through my mind all at once but you couldn’t help it but be filled with excitement.


    Asalah Alhababi

    How to think positively during Covied19:
    This pandemic affects all the people not only people in the United States, but also people from all around the world. We lost people we loved and people we knew. Nevertheless, we should be thinking positively to keep our immune system high and to protect our health body against any disease or viruses. Even though, many people got the virus and some people from my relatives and friends got it too, which is painful to know; however, thinking that everything is going to be alright like before is the only way that keeps us alive. Coronavirus is serious and strong, but we are strong too and we can face it.

    The things I do to keep myself calm and positive is thinking that tomorrow is going to be better than today plus following the rules such as wearing masks, washing hands, using hand sanitizer, and staying six feet away from other people. Moreover, I try to read some books or to watch a movie and that assist me to forget this global catastrophe. I also like to do some exercises at home or walking close to the beach which is a fantastic idea to smell the fresh air and thinking positively. I love to talk to my parents because they are the only people who understand me and that make me feel comfortable. I like to listen to some music for relaxation. I like to go to the park by my bike with my little brother and feeling the winds playing with the leaves and touching my cheek, which is a great feeling. All in all, these are the simple things I do to think positively during this hard time.


    Michael Vanunu

    How to be the ideal boyfriend for your girlfriend

    Be a gentle man because if you might not be then she will be sad. Become the man she wants you to be. Don’t speak to other women in front of your girlfriend. Learn how to make her happy by spending time with her. When you buy her dinner insist on paying for it or it may come off as rude. Make sure to listen to her when she needs to speak about things to get them off her mind. Always act with respect when you’re with her. Don’t just give her your time to ignore her. Don’t say things to make her cry, she might leave. I don’t make her cry but when I do, they are tears of joy, so is she really crying? This is how to make her happy. This is how to be the man you aught to be. This is how to be reliable. This is how to be dependable. This is how to keep things going in a nice pace. This is how to be the person you want to be. This is how she would want you to be. This is how to be a gentleman. This is the how to be some one you want to be. This is how to make her not want to leave. This is how to make her wish to be with you forever; Always do your best; but what if your best wasn’t enough?; you mean to say after all that you are really going to be the kind of boyfriend who doesn’t meet her ideals?

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