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    Jennifer Sears

    See the instructions on the To-Do List, Session 15 to complete this activity:


    Kyle Holston

    How to write a rap:

    Some say you write when you feel like it, or when inspiration hits you. That is a sack of bull feces, you write everyday when you feel like it or when you don’t feel like it. You can stand or sit. Your mother is making a lot of noise in the background so when you sit you can’t focus so you stand to concentrate more. When you stand you can either use a pad and have the pad laying on something for you to write on when you are standing and have something to write. Or you can stand and have a phone for you to type in when you think of something. You can use your pad or you can use your phone, you can use a pen or pencil or you can use your fingers for typing. Now that you have your equipment for making the rap, here comes the actual doing. This is where everything is in your power, it is up to you to think what you want to think. You can think of anything, nothing is wrong here. You can think of unicorns, you can think of the word abomination, you can think of flying across the fifty states and landing in Africa. There is really no wrong in this part, when you think of something and you have a thought you can ask yourself is this going to be a song about something in particular or is it going to be a song with a lot of clever thoughts with no particular subject matter just a lot of witty ideas. If the song has a subject matter and has a topic in particular then you begin thinking what you want to say about that topic. You want to write about a car, start thinking to yourself. Gather thoughts, do you like the car? What kind of cars do you like? What color cars do you prefer? What particular sounds from a car do you like? Maybe you can add a actual sound of you trying to mimic how the car sounds. You have a thought and now you begin forming a line, “I live in the city and I like cars”.

    Stop there, you think of rhymes first. But when you think of rhymes you are rhyming more than one syllable in the line, so you could rhyme “and I like cars” but you could also just rhyme “like cars”. You are rhyming more than one syllable every time you write a rap period. There is no shortcuts or easy way out, you want to be a advanced rapper and do the most advanced things you can do in this art form. You want Joe or Jack to say “that sounded good” even though Joe or Jack don’t know about the advanced rhyming you are doing. Joe and Jack just hear “car” and “harm”, but to their ears they hear “like cars” and “might harm”. So you say “I live in the city and I like cars”, you think a few things that rhyme with like cars are “fight stars”, “might harm”, “mice guard”. You are the creator, you think of what you want to say next but since it is about cars you make it all connect to cars since it is about cars. You say “I live in the city and I like cars, want to drive something that make them might harm”. You go on and on and have fun, you can either continue rhyming with “like cars” or you can think of other words for you to rhyme with when you think of a thought. If your song doesn’t have a subject matter, then you can think of whatever you want to think of without having to keep to a subject matter. You write at least sixteen lines, or you write more. You should know that at least sixteen lines is the standard amount for one rap. You finish and you can walk out to the kitchen where your mom is cooking and hug her because you’re proud you finished a rap, or you can begin the next process; you can record what you wrote to a beat.

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    How to fall in love:

    There is a big difference between love and like as anyone who’s felts the real deal will tell you. You think about the person all the time, you see their face in crowd. You hear a song or any kind of activity you think of them. You want to spend every each minute with them no matter if it terrifying or amazing. You feel safe when you’re with them. When they kiss you, you feel warm. All of a sudden the decision you make don’t just affect your life but also that persons also. You get sad when they leave, even though you guys spent the entire day together. You realize all of the other relationships you had before didn’t work out for a reason. Fall in love is the development 0f strong feeling of attachment and love usually towards another person.


    Zeneida Hernandez

    How to fell in Love with the Cat

    It was a hot summer day when me and my sister decided to venture out in the city for a fun sister date. Roaming the streets of Manhattan, we decided to do something very spontaneous…
    “Do you wanna adopt a cat?” my sister asked.
    We have had our hearts set on adopting a little kitten for the longest time, the only thing stopping us?
    Our mom.
    She said we weren’t responsible enough to take care of ourselves, let alone a cat.
    Such encouraging words from our mother.
    So without too much thought we went to the agency and adopted the fluffiest cat they had.
    But what would our mom say?
    We were about to find out.

    “Hi mommy, what are you up to?” my sister lovingly said.
    “what do you want” my mom responded.
    She knew right away that we were up to no good.
    I proceed to send her a picture of the newest member of the family.
    “Check your phone for a surprise” my sister nervously told her
    “Whose cat is that?” she responded.
    “It’s ours!”
    After a long pause she shouts “you’re kidding, right?”
    “¡No! we’re on our way home with him right now”
    She must’ve thought we were joking because when we got home with him she was shocked.

    It’s safe to say she wasn’t too mad because 3 years later it’s as if the cat is hers.
    He sleeps with her and wakes her up every morning without a fail to eat breakfast, I don’t even think he realizes he’s mine and my sisters.
    My mom calls herself his “grandma” and even demanded that her name be put on his adoption paper.
    They’re best friends.
    It’s funny how things work, 
    And all because we were feeling spontaneous one hot summer day.



    How to not be anxious:
    It was the start of spring break, everybody getting ready to go on vacation and to have some fun outside of school. It was the day before my families trip to the cruise. Suddenly I received a phone call saying that our flight was canceled because of a storm in Florida. My family was anxious and didn’t know what to do because we have to make it to the cruise within the next day. My parents told my and my sisters to not be so anxious and calm down because everything will go smoothly. My uncle thought of an idea to hire a driver that would drive us all the way to Florida. The car ride to Florida was at least 20 hours. We could not really make many pit stops since we were in a rush to make it on the cruise ship. Everybody was tired and backs hurting, trying to keep the driver awake and scared that we won’t make it there safely. My family knew that we have to calm down and not be so stressed out. After a 20 hour car ride we finally made it safely on the cruise. Being anxious won’t solve your problems.


    Mosqan Naseem

    Learn to grow up with rules:

    Learn to grow with rules, learn to discover our talents, find your true talent, is it studying, sports, or something else that fascinate you, something that makes you happy, take steps to reach your goal, get an education, choose a career that takes you to your dream job, live with your parents as they can provide and help with several rules of life, learn to battle the obstacles that you face in life, figure out what activities, people and things make you enthusiasm and passionate, things that makes you happy, what opportunities you can reach and how you can use them.
    Use your passion to connect with others, Take care of yourself, eat healthy and stay fit, make exercise daily part of your routine, it is hard to stay healthy as you eat junk and oily food, try to maintain your posture as it can be affected with technology now, try to sleep well as you need 8 hours of sleep to be active, take less caffeine as you can get addicted, try to experiment with changes with your life but do not rely on having a positive effect, LIVE YOUR LIFE TO FULLEST AS YOU WILL NOT HAVE SECOND CHANCE.


    Pratima Roy

    How to feel confident:

    No matter what you do or who you are you should always feel confident. Sometimes we all humans think someone else is better than us, but in reality, everyone is not perfect. Everyone can try to do anything they want that they love and should be confident in it. Success comes from failure. We always have to learn how to learn from our mistakes, regrets, pasts, and everything to be confident. A lot of people work hard, yet some people can have low self-esteem depending on the negative things they think about that’s bringing them more feeling down. I believe we all should give each other time to treat ourselves because I know we all are working hard. Feeling less confident is happening everywhere for people whether some people are thinking they are not confident enough to graduate, get a job, or anything in general for the future. We need to be positive and confident. Reading motivational quotes can make you feel confident or practicing something you’re not good at.



    The character in this story is Hari. He thinks of where to sleep and how to sleep, when he cannot sleep in weekends night.

    Hari, 10 pm at night trying to sleep for early morning work on weekends. He is on bed covering his body with blankets and head over soft pillow. His eyes are half closed to get into deep sleep. Suddenly, utensils drop in the kitchen, and he wakes up. It is almost 11pm night when he hears his neighbors partying in their backyards with loud music , which are bouncing inside his ears.
    He wants to sleep but the situation is out of control and he cannot sleep.
    For hours he lays down on bed and starts to think how he wants to sleep to feel fresh in the morning. He thinks of a big pond full of lotus, laying down on leaves of lotus which is his new bed. Swans stretching their feathers to cover his body as a blanket. Soft soft lotus flowers where he puts his head and look up to the clear sky which is telling him sleep sleep.Fresh air coming from a big banyan tree near the pond which gives the feeling of swing when there is movement of leaves and flowers. The fragrant of lotus flower and its leaves spreading all over to keep insects and mosquitoes away.Birds on the banyan tree singing sleep melody only for him, only for him which hits his ears and makes his feel relax and forget the physical world. Slowly slowly his vision gets blur and the music stops because he is already into a deep sleep.


    Anthony L

    How to convince a gullible crew mate (Among us imposter edition):

    The first step is to pre-run to the left and head to engines as soon as possible, start at the bottom engine first and then make your way to the upper one. Make sure that people see you doing this task and keep tabs on who passed by you, color code them to make remembering easier. Out of all the people who passed you while you faked your engine task, pick one of them to use later, this person will be known as your pawn. From there you must alternate between three things, taking out the crewmates that passed you, taking out the crewmates that did not pass you, and hanging around your pawn while faking tasks every now and then. After removing a crewmate that passed you, proceed to wait in the area to let your cooldown tick away. Be sure to use your imposter vision to look ahead and spot any innocents that may wander a bit too close for comfort, retreat if they get to close and vent to a more suitable location such as cams or Navigation. Venting to cams would be a more preferable option since it has a higher chance of others clearing you if you use the facilities. On the latter option, Navigation is a central hub for tasks, making it easy to be cleared by others because they’re most likely to walk in on you while your doing completely innocent acts of “tasks”. After alternating between getting rid of crewmates that did/didn’t pass you, pay a visit to your best bud, the pawn, and hang around him for a bit, if he’s heading in the direction of one of the people you got rid of, follow him. It makes you seem more innocent to discover the liberated crewmate with a partner. Once the meeting is called, let everyone know that you were with your best bud, pawn, while they made such a startling discovery. A seed will be planted within the pawn’s mind, since there is hard evidence that what you’re saying is true and you’ve stuck with him during his tasks.
    Once that previous meeting is over the best course of action is to repeat your previous steps of getting rid of one that passed you and one that did not. The only difference from last time is that you will purposely be stalking your pawn from the vents and waiting for them to be alone with another crewmate. When the pawn leaves the room, make the crewmate that he was with disappear and use the vent to escape. There is a very high chance that someone will enter the room and catch you in the act so you must do this immediately, Lock the doors once you’ve finished. When another emergency meeting is called, lie about your location and place yourself nearby the medbay area, stating that you were about to pick up your phials. Most crewmates will believe this farce since half of them saw you on the left side early on. After the meeting is over, resume to frame your pawn for the disappearance of another one of the crewmates that you did not pass, do not lock the doors and vent to a nearby area instead. Once you’ve vented to a place nearby, pass your pawn in the halls while making your way over to the area you’ve vented from. Ensure that before you pass your pawn, that the lights have been sabotaged, and that you pass directly on top of your pawn. Report the disappearance of the crewmate and mention that you saw your pawn nearby in the dark. By this point crewmates will become wary and implement the tactic of sticking together like vermin, so you must counter this tactic by changing the environment to suit vermin such as them and kill the lights while in their group. Once the lights are off, use the vent, the crewmates will run away thinking that they are being chased, when when in reality, you’re plan is to split them up and cut them off. Pick one of them off, it doesn’t matter which one, and report it yourself, stating that you saw a vent open and ran spamming R. This may make you seem suspicious, however it is quite plausible and people will believe it since they saw you in their vermin group without your pawn. Pitch the idea that the imposter probably wasn’t apart of the group and vented in to snag someone while the lights were off. The crewmates will attempt to remember who was there and realize that your pawn was missing during the pandemonium. Let your pawn argue their case and provide a very weak accusation towards them, after wasting enough time, request to skip and fix lights, but say that you’ll keep your suspicions on your pawn. This will water the seed that you’ve planted within your pawn’s mind and let it grow into an idea. The pawn will attempt to look for any way to prove his innocence and notice that he has at least one visual task to do. On your way to lights, mess with the panel and then get off of it to let your cooldown run. Crewmates will get aggravated and begin to do your job for you, get back on the panel and mess with it some more after a few seconds. crewmates will become more coordinated when fixing lights and it will become harder to mess with them. The best option is to get off the panel after 3 attempts to avoid suspicion and let lights be fixed, your goal wasn’t to keep lights off, it was to stall for time. By this point you will have 20 seconds left on your cooldown. Shut the doors and time it so the crewmates can’t make their way to the button. call lights once you’ve stalled enough time get rid of one of them at the table. Since everyone is in that spot, the crewmates will have no evidence to point at anyone. Let the crewmates lead the conversation towards ejecting your pawn, however this time your pawn will have a retort. Your pawn will claim to have the task of ejecting the trash out of the airlock. Encourage the others to skip and stick together, and then follow your pawn when the meeting is over. When they lead you to the airlock, allow them to do their task with no interference and then make your way to the button to call one last emergency meeting.
    At this last meeting, be sure to give your pawn the credit he deserves and clear him of all suspicions by stating “Sorry just calling this meeting to say that I saw black do trash chute so he’s completely clear. we can skip here.” Immediately when someone argues that we should vote here, turn their argument back on them by claiming that they’re very eager to vote and that all an imposter needs to win is one more victim if we vote the wrong person. Make the claim that he’s the imposter by trying to push a vote and let chaos ensue from that point. Your pawn will trust you for clearing him so he will also argue that you’re innocent, remembering those rounds that you spent together. State that you’re voting to skip and let both your pawn and the tag-teaming vermin vote for the person you accused. When all that meeting nonsense is said and done you can get up from your seat at the meeting table and take a load off, congratulate your pawn for serving you well. Tell them that they shall be thoroughly rewarded for their services in helping you reach the climax of this little game of life and death, as you walk around the table and make your way behind the yellow crewmate. His reward for aiding you shall be that he gets to keep his life, but make no mistake to remind them that each and every disappearance of his kinsmen were indirectly brought about by his negligence, and by this point you should already have your hands on the yellow crewmate’s shoulders, just before you snuff out his light.

    Afterword: So this story was based on true events in a video game I played with a few of my friends called Among Us. I understand that my story is a little graphic, but keep in mind I was playing as the bad guy and I wanted to make it a bit more interesting by adding the actions of how I pictured the whole thing to play out in my head. The actions were mostly true and the words/thought process were accurate to what was going on at the time. All my friends were complaining about how messed up that all was at the end and I don’t blame them, but I have a small flair for being dramatic so I just had to play the villain role when I was imposter. To this day, the people involved in that game say it was one of our greatest matches they’ve ever experienced.



    How to Distract Yourself from Repetitive Thoughts

    Firstly, you pick up a hands-on skill that is repetitive, yet requires a lot of your attention: embroidery. You recognize the fact that you’re not very talented at embroidery, but it’s one of the few things that allows you to be part of the moment and not a prisoner to your mind. You get lost in the details because you’re detailed oriented and constantly strive for perfection, but the frequent errors you make remind you that you are definitely not perfect. You start to craft something, likely based off of a Pinterest post, but that is ultimately made from your very own hands. You’ve poured time into your embroidery, and you’ve even poked yourself a few times with the kit’s sharp needle; as they say, no pain means no gain. Suddenly you’re admiring your work, even if it looks like a five year old made it, and you start to feel a sense of pride. The kind that makes you feel pleasantly warm inside, not the kind that makes you reject help from friends or keeps you from admitting that you are just as lost and scared as everyone else.
    You feel grounded, knowing that you’re holding something real in your hands, which confirms that you too are real. With time, you start to realize you’re not as bad as embroidery as you thought, and that you’re actually getting the hang of it pretty quickly. Well, minus the fancy kinds of stitches, though you do aim to learn how to do them so that your projects look even better. After a while, embroidery becomes an active form of meditation, one that transports you to another dimension that is nothing but cool grass, waddling ducks, and fluffy clouds. Each stitch is a silent prayer; a confession; a release. You remind yourself that at least several millions of people have embroidered things before you were born, at a time in which it was one of women’s’ few sources of entertainment, and that makes you feel connected. You’re no longer a spectator observing the world and its ways, you’re part of something. You’re human. As you embroider, the repetitive thoughts dissipate.


    Lauriann Frederick

    “The Conversation”
    I can still hear the voice of my grandma as she always used to say; “Young girls must be seen and not heard.” Don’t walk the streets talking loud, loud, ah young girl must be seen and not heard. Say good morning or good evening to everyone you meet, don’t call them by the first name, add mister or miss to it. Remember to pass by your Nen-Nen and Paren,(*godparents) they getting ole you know. Check on dem, see how they doing; make sure they have food and water in the house you know Mary gets home late every evening. Listen to your grandma, God go bless you, you will see, when you’re kind to others God will always be kind to you.
    Go to school and learn well, make something of yourself; don’t go playing around with those little boys they have nothing good in them. Listen to your teachers and don’t go be rude to them, they are making a sacrifice for you, so you must respect them. Don’t eat your lunch before lunchtime and go begging other children, always keep your bus fare in your skirt pocket and don’t go spending it on foolish things, and you don’t want to lose it. Don’t go begging nobody for anything, be satisfied with what you have, okay then?
    Come here child and let me tell you something never leave the house with dirty or tear panties. Always, separate them you hear, Church ones here, school ones there and the old, old ones use them at home, and your socks too, separate them you hear, girls must always walk the road clean, clean, and tidy, you don’t want anyone to run their mouth on you and me. my dear. Every evening when you come from school do your homework then put water in the kitchen before you go outside to play. Don’t leave your bag on the table, put your schoolbooks away, if the cat gets them, it’s me and you today. Ah giving you what Polly give the drum and you know after that you can’t sit down. Always put your school clothes in the washtub, I’ll wash dem in the morning, you know all your uniforms must stay nice and clean.
    Always say your prayers before you go to sleep, kneel down by the bed and thank God for the day, for food, clothes and shelter and ask Him to give your old grandma strength to live to see you all grown up. Don’t take God’s name in vain and pray for others you hear. Always ask God to forgive you, because we always sinning, God loves us, but He don’t like the sins we do. Remember always do to others as you will have them do to you, that is the golden rule of the Bible, and it is a good thing to do.
    Do you understand what I am trying to teach you my dear child, or do you think it is just an old woman’s foolish talk to you?

    *(I wrote in our Dialect)


    Stephanie Hernandez

    How to Manage your Time and Money

    Well first things first just hit that snooze button. If you wake up on time then you’ll need to take public transportation and as much as you should, you know you really don’t want to so just call an Uber. But, if you’re really feeling guilty about spending that money on a cab because you already know you will be spending money on coffee and lunch that you could’ve just brought from home but never prepared, then I guess you are better off taking the train or bus. Okay, after all this debating and snoozing you have lost time and are now late forced to spend on a cab, coffee and lunch. Finally you’re out the door. Wait! You forgot your mask. Remember, we are in a pandemic.



    How to be not be Depressed
    No matter where you are in life or what you’ve been through you shouldn’t be depressed. Or at least there are many reasons to not feel this way. But sometimes it’s completely ok to feel this way as long as it’s for a short period of time. Everyone is entitled to do what they want and to feel how they want. One thing to think about is where you are in life right now, because to someone else you’re living a better life than them. Also there are many things in life that you can do to take your mind off those kinds of thoughts. Like reading a book, riding a bike, traveling, and just hanging out and communicating with people. You just need to have fun things that make you happy with people. And you should remember that, wherever you are in life you’re doing better than a handful of people.



    How to take public transportation in New York.
    I remember when I came to the USA, I got lost in the subway for hours. The first thing you need to know about public transportation is that it’s never on time. You need to add 10 minutes more to the time it says on the GPS. It’s better to purchase the rides beforehand so you don’t miss your train because the station’s booth can have technical problems. Then you have to go to an agent and there might be a line. You read the signs on the pillars of the train station, there might be changes in the route of the train. When the train arrives, give space to the people to get off the train first and then get on, or else they might push you and you may fall down. While riding the train, always listen to the announcement cause there might be changes to the route and it may not even show on the screen of the train. For busses, always sit in the front so you can talk to the bus operator about anything you need to know. They always help.

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    Sobia Bashir

    How To Save Food – Living In A Joint Family

    I can smell the food from upstairs. It’s biryani (spicy rice with chicken). We all love biryani more than anything else. It’s usually made on Fridays when my sister comes over for a visit. But it doesn’t last long in our house even if so much is made, that’s why if you want to eat it the next day, you have to know where to hide it. This time, I didn’t think I would need to save it since there was so much. But I was wrong. We made it around 4 pm so by the time it was 10, everyone was hungry again, and there was a little bit left. The leftover was transfered to a smaller dish and went in the fridge.

    It was morning, and I usually wake up late but the day after biryani is made, I wake up early. Before you know it, the leftover was gone as well. That got me really annoyed because I wanted it as well. The next time my mom made it, I knew what to do. After we all ate, I took a bowl and put biryani in it. I hid it in the bottom portion of the fridge behind the other things where you wouldn’t think anyone would look. But I was wrong again, it was gone the next day. Biryani lovers find their way to it. Now I decided that the next time, I will put it in my room so no one can eat it, and I did that. And guess what, it was there in the morning when I woke up. Third time is a charm they say, and it worked. So whenever I want to save food for the next day, I just put it in my room.

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