SPE 1330: Effective Speaking

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the 2 major uses of the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

Central Idea: The 2 major uses of the Brooklyn Navy Yard are military and commercial.


  1. I believe everybody here has heard of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, right? When we went to the Brooklyn Historical Society and saw that it was a big concept of Brooklyn history.   It is located less than a mile away from City Tech. Just about a 15 minute walk.
  2. Today I would like to share with you the two major uses of the Brooklyn Navy Yard.
    1. We should all know about what the Brooklyn Navy Yard was used for before and what it is used for today.
    2. All of us should know a little about the of the Brooklyn Navy Yard because we can use that knowledge in our English class this semester and it is just a short walk from City Tech if you’d like to see how it is.
  3. The two major uses of the Brooklyn Navy Yard are military and commercial.

(Internal Preview: Once of the major use of the Brooklyn Navy Yard was the U.S. Navy.)


  1. The U.S. Navy occupied the Brooklyn Navy Yard for most of it’s time.
    1. According to John Bartelstone, author of the 2010 book, The Brooklyn Navy Yard, the Navy has been there since 1806 when Lieutenant Jonathan Thorn took command.
    2. It was a home for the U.S. Navy for 160 years.
    3. The BNY built 17 battleships and carriers and repaired 5,000Navy Vessels wounded in the Atlantic .
    4. The ship Japan surrendered on during the WWII was made in Brooklyn. It was called the USS Missouri a.k.a. “Mighty Moe”.
    5. After the Korean War, the BKNY built 6 more Landing Platform Docks and finally closed as a Naval Base in 1966.

( Transition: Now that you know about military action at the Brooklyn Navy Yard in our history, lets talk about how it is used today as commercial space.)

  1. The Navy Yard was bought by the City of New York in 1967.
    1. When the city bought the property from the navy, they didn’t know how to regain all the jobs that were lost. They tried leasing some of the docks and even considering moving the automobile industry here but none of them worked.
    2. A July 28th 2011 article in the Daily News finds that there are now 275 private tenants and over 5,000 employees in the yard today,
    3. Another article on August 23rd 2011 from the New York Times states that mayor Bloomberg wants the entertainment industry that’s developing in the Brooklyn Navy Yard to continue growing and accumulating jobs.
    4. The Navy Yards biggest employers Steiner Studios which have the largest sound stages on the East Coast. They also have ship repairmen in the dry docks, packing companies and manufacturing companies like Sweet and Low. They even have New York’s largest privately owned lab.


  1. In summary, I hope you understand the 2 major uses of the Brooklyn Navy Yard which are military and commercial.
  2. Since we all go to school in downtown Brooklyn, I believe that we should know the rich history we have around us. The Brooklyn Navy Yard is a great place to show how the once known home of the U.S. Navy is incorporated into the commercial needs of today.


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