SPE 1330: Effective Speaking

Informative Speech (Chronological – Process)

Joshua Enriquez


The use of Traditional Medicine can save lives: Easy and Affordable

Specific Purpose: To inform my audiences about the two major ways to use Traditional Medicine at home.

Central Idea: The two major ways to use Traditional Medicine at home are using alternatives medicines, and basic knowledge.


1)      By a show of hands, how many of you like medicine?

A)    Did you know that according to article of 2011 talks about the 25 percent of the world’s medicines contain extracts from leaves, bark, and insects found in nature as part of Traditional Medicine?

2)      Today I want to explain the two major ways to use Traditional Medicine at home.

A) Knowing some Traditional Medicine is important to each of us because it can give you health and also benefits to your money.

3)      If you are very concerned about the modern medicine that is going to healing you of all the diseases but you are not able to by it, there is another alternative way that you can choose.

4)      The two major ways to use Traditional Medicine in your home are using alternatives medicines and your basic knowledge.

(Internal Preview: so lest start with how to use alternative medicine?)



1)      The alternative medicine is part of the many branches of traditional medicine. Let me give you the definition of alternative medicine: alternative medicine is a healing practice that does not fall within the realm of conventional medicine. In other words is based on historical or cultural traditions, rather than on scientific evidence.

A) Alternatives medicines share the same goal as traditional medicines which are killing aches and pains according to an article publish in 2007 posted in the Current Health website claimed that the body has the power to heal itself, by using this alternatives medicines base on hundreds of years of traditions.

1a)  in the same article publish in 2007 explains how using alternatives medicines, can determinate the need of our body to get a stable condition. It also mentions about a specialists people that use natural treatments to address health problems.

(Transition: Now that we have discussed the using of alternative medicine that has been use for years in our culture which are helpful to your health. let talk about another major way the basic knowledge)


2) The basic knowledge of using traditional medicine is all ready used in our homes without being aware that we are taking traditional medicine.

A)  Refer to article of 2010 posted on the Cobblestone website talks about the first book publish in the Americans Colonies “The Angel of Bethesda, written in 1724 by Boston minister Cotton Mather.” And describe the basic methods of medicine to cure a simple cold whit half a sheet of brown paper spread whit candle grease or tuberculosis might be treated with turnip syrup.

B) During hundreds of years many civilizations around the World had been sharing there knowledge of traditional medicine.   The most basic knowledge come from our ancestors or grandparents, which use simple stuff like coffee, sugar, salt, etc .





1)      I hope that you now have a better understanding of the major ways to use traditional medicines in your homes which are using alternative medicine and your basic knowledge.

2)      Using traditional medicine in our homes is a important alternative to heal our bodies naturally and also an excellent way to save money, so I hope that all remember that traditional medicine is your second choose.




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