SPE 1330: Effective Speaking

To inform my audience about 3 major causes of global warming.

I. The first major cause of global warming is the increased consumption of meat.
  A. By eating meat we are killing the planet little by little. Since meat comes from farm transporting the food is no easy task.
      i.  According to  an article released in 2011 on acoolerclimate.com states that the average meal on your plate in the US has traveled 2000 miles to get to you
     ii. Also, it takes more energy to produce meat than it does vegetarian fare. A farms market is a easy green way to get your fresh  vegetables. They come from local farmers meaning that your food did not travel as much
 iii. the population keeps increasing  which is causing the meat industry to rise. This will cause more animals to be killed and more fossil fuels to be burned.From the machines being used in factories that cut meat to the gasoline being used in trucks. There is a lot of damage being done to the planet by just transporting meat. 

(Transition: ¬†We’ve just discussed the first major cause of global warming, now lets discuss the second major cause of global warming, which is increased electricity use).

II.  The second major cause of global warming is the increased use of electricity.
РA.electricity comes from burning fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are composed of by Ed dead plants and animals.  
     i. In an article on  the  national  geographic magazine published in 2009 indicates that 40%  of electricity is being waisted on every American home.
    ii. Leaving you phone charger, the tv,and computer plugged causes the electricity to continue running. Turning the electronic off with just a remote just outs it on stand by not off.
 iii.On  an average day one person consumes a lot of electricity. Count every time you use electricity. From turning on the light to charging you phone, you will realize that it just takes one person to cause some harm so imagine how much damage the other 3 billion people are causing.

(transition:we’ve discussed about the second major cause of global warming,now let as talk about the third major cause which ¬†the usage of cars.)

111. The third main cause of global warming is the usage of cars.
-A. Every morning at least 2 billion people are  stuck in traffic.Driving a car causes air pollution causing the air to be unhealthy to breath.
i.According to  and article on squidoo.com written in 2011  states that cars and trucks burn over 8 million barrels a day.
ii. The heat gathered  in the air can stay for over a century. This is not good for our body. The air we are breathing is dirty due to the  bad air cars burned.
iii. Cars don’t only ¬†burn fuel they also burn a whole in our ozone layer. This causes heat from the sun to come in stronger. It’s like having an umbrella with wholes. The less wholes it has the more it will protect you from the sun.

We may not think it’s something import ¬†but every action we make affect the future if our children and our grandchildren. Consuming meat, using electricity and driving cars are just 3 of the many causes of global warming.¬†

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