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So Far
The game has a win-lose condition of defeating all of the hostile monsters, a working UI for health bars, plants gathered, potions collected and coins collected. There is music, a fire attack animation, walking, and idle animation. Different damage output from different enemies. It took me about a few months to make this on my own, but I had help with code from my teacher (
Samuel Levine). I figured out how to make a codeless map. There are a few glitches where enemies disappear over time that need to be fixed.

Plans for the future
For the final project, I wanted to add eight more lands (with either own elemental theme) that are all connected by magical gates (in a 9×9 grid), a better dialogue system, better inventory, and a way to buy potions by opening up a dialogue box instead of just colliding with the shop. I also want to add elemental clothes and armor, to help change Nova’s fire attacks to different elements and make her stronger. I going to redo most of my models to make them look better and fix the lighting. I also want to add missions for non-hostile monsters and add way more monsters, loot drops, and a way to monetize the game. I also want a proper, automatic day and night cycle for the skybox, since the day and night cycle I have now is manual.

Next Step
I will begin working on dialogue boxes first since there are already some NPC’s in the game  (I’ll start with inductions and goodbyes, then move on giving missions and simple conversation). First I’ll make a working dialogue box and attach them to stand in NPC boxes to see if they work.

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