Service Learning Reflection Paper

Collaborating as a team for our research project provided an enriching, educating and valuable experience. As a team, we were able to explore some of New York City’s most popular neighborhoods to better understand the people and their resources that make up the community. Many nurses in this program live in the very same communities that we serve. Using this information, enhances our ability to address many of the health disparities that exist in these areas.

Every Wednesday, I made it a priority to be at Cumberland clinic at 8:30 am sharp, dressed in black pants, white blouse and sweater. Timeliness was essential because it displayed a form of professionalism and ensured my way to participate in the daily morning rounds and huddles. I was always eager to learn new information to better communicate with staff and patients. I developed a great repo ire with patients because I knew how to respectfully communicate with them, giving them the opportunity to speak about concerning issues relating to self while providing time to ask questions. Maintaining HIPPA laws under a safe environment was paramount. I developed a repoire with the vast majority of women between the ages of 18 – 38 years of age seeking gynecological / obstetrical care. I was attentive and understanding to their needs even after they confided in me about decisions that they were ashamed or regretful of.

The manager made chart reviewing easier by providing an enclosed room with a door and a chair placed next her and the computer. It was a private environment that allowed me to ask questions and learn without the distractions and noise from the waiting area. Cumberland hospital utilizes Quadramed, the electronic health medical record system which is the same system used at my former workplace.

I always strived to keep in mind that dressing well, speaking in the right tone, being respectful to others , being willing to learn, and maintaining HIPPA laws has enhanced my development in professional ethics in relation to school and work. Working with my manager and the fellow nurses have truly given me a valuable outlook on how important community health nursing has become. Seeing positive results in health care involves teamwork from a conglomerate of professionals like : physicians, nurses, and social workers. Proper health care also comes from utilizing the most important and valuable resources. For example, any women requiring Depo Vera injections or specific pregnancy C prescription drugs will first require an HCG test. This is part of effective screening to prevent medical errors and any forms of malpractice.

My most valuable strength involved using the Quadramed system for chart reviewing. I found it simple because I used this same system in the past. My weakest strength was having to be up at 7 a.m . Mornings have been traditionally hard because I was a night (12) hour shift worker for years. Though I made it my priority to be at Cumberland on time, it took a lot of discipline to get back into this routine.
I appreciated all this course had to offer. It taught me how to become a smarter and more dedicated nurse striving to improve the lives of people within a community.