Salmonella Enterica

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Salmonella Enterica
  Hi my name is Salmonella entericia, formerly known as S. Choleresuis.   An inquisitive man discovered me by the name of Daniel Salmon, whom I am named after.  My brother is Salmonella thyphimurium.   I can live in all oxygenic atmospheres, whether the oxygen is rich, little or a non-oxygenic environment, which makes me a facultative anaerobe.  I belong to the Proteobacteria family, which has five groups. They are alpha, beta gamma, delta and epsilon and are also a member of the Enterobacteriaceae family. Salmonella entericia is subdivided into six subspecies; my family is large and diverse.  I am a gamma, gram negative; rod shaped bacteria.   First I must give a heart felt greeting to all my family members. Shigella dysenteriae, Proteus mirabilis, Vibrio cholerae, vibrio fisheri, Klebssiella pneumoniae, Legionella pneumophila, Acinetobacter baumannii, Serratia marcesens, Haemophilus influenzae, yersiniapestis and E.coli, how are you doing?  Since it been a while I have enclosed some pictures.   I live in the intestine of humans, cattle and livestock. I am a virulence bacteria and if ingested can caused deadly harm to children, elderly and people with a compromised immune system.  People should wash their hands after handling raw meat and using the toilet.  Animals do not practice hygiene, they walk and sleep in their body waste; and only wash up when it rains, and this is not effective to get rid of me.   Make sure foods are fully cooked and handled well, for I am waiting patiently to invade your gut and make you sick.  BE AWARE! I can kill you. I will leave from the stomach of cattle and live stock and go on vacation in your body infecting your organs. By entering through your mouth with food, I will resist the acid in your stomach because of my cell wall; I have an outer and inner cell wall that makes me hard to destroy with your stomach acid. I enter your blood stream and enjoy the free ride to your organs. There I will make your organs a playground, and I will have fun causing big trouble. I will make you vomit, give you fevers and diarrhea.  People with compromised immune systems, or young children, I will cause septic shock and you will die. I will kill as many people as possible if I’m allowed. If you eat out at a restaurant and after the meal you started feeling sick seek medical help, I may be in your stomach causing trouble if not you may risk death or a long vacation in the hospital. That’s how I go to work.   I’m known to cause big outbreaks sending fear in a whole nation and also worldwide fear. That’s the reason people traveling from other countries are interrogated by boarder police. They are trying to prevent others and me from entering the United States, because they know the damage I will cause and affect on their economy. They will do everything possible to stop me, but I will be waiting for an opportunity to cause trouble, I am always waiting patiently around.  I am in the news a lot, recently I contaminated peanut butter; causing the manufacture to withdraw their product from the shelf and I also closed down restaurants because of my contamination.  I am very common.   I am not bothered by antibiotics, my cell wall is a fortified to protect me, but by proper diet good hand hygiene, fully cooked meat and good immunity you can resist me.                                                                                      

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