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Filippo Scalici

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The Beautiful Game


Soccer, as stated by Pele, is “The Beautiful Game”. Pele was a famous Brazilian soccer player who is regarded as the best player to ever play the game. Soccer is a part of his life as it is for many others. He is a truly huge inspiration for many soccer players and fans today. Soccer is the best and biggest sport in the world and this can be proved by the implications of salary, major tournaments, and why soccer is called the beautiful game.

Is there an average salary in soccer? There are not average salaries for soccer players. In soccer the salaries of players are all around. Within each league there can be a calculated salary average, but that doesn’t prove anything individually. Some salaries can be really high and some can be really low. Each league has its own calculated average salaries, and, even though the currency is different between countries, once you convert it, they can be better compared.

Does where you play matter? Where you play does matter but many other things have to be taken into account also. Playing in a different country means you are more likely to have a different salary than another country. Within that country teams offer different wages to players. Some teams are wealthier than others and therefore they can afford to offer greater wages to higher rated players. Some players can be bought for really cheap and the wages won’t be high but that doesn’t mean that player is any less better then the higher paid players.


Sponsors can have a huge influence on a player’s salary. Some of the top players in the world make millions more just by advertising. They are hired by companies to show in commercials and even model. Two great examples of this are players such as Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham. Those are examples of individual sponsors, there are also sponsors of teams as a whole. These sponsors pay the team to put logos, company names, and any kind of advertisements on the jerseys of the team uniforms. Sometimes you may even see a case where the sponsor pays a huge amount of money to have a stadium named after them, and most times this leads to a bonus in the players’ checks.

There are many kinds of major tournaments in soccer. Such tournaments can be domestically, internationally, and continentally. The biggest tournament that there is in soccer is the World Cup. The top thirty-two teams in the world all face off in a tournament that leads to one champion. The domestic tournaments are the most common that go on annually compared to the international tournaments that go on every four years. The domestic tournaments occur in almost every country across the world and the winners go on to the continental cups. Those take the champions from the countries and have them face off to see who is the best in that continent.

There are many prizes for these tournaments. The international tournaments only prize the top three in it. First place wins the classic gold trophy; second place wins silver medals; and third place wins bronze medals. A bonus check is given to the winning team’s players and manager by FIFA, the official governing body of soccer. These aren’t huge bonuses for the players, but to regular people like us it is a lot of money. Sometimes the country itself may reward the players with their own bonuses as a gift of appreciation.


What does it mean to be in a major tournament? Whether it’s being in the top league of your country, fighting to be the best in your continent, or giving it your all in the World Cup; it’s the best feeling in the world. However, the best performances have shown to come out during the World Cup. It’s not just fighting for your team; it’s fighting for your country. You want to go out on that field and show others that you are the best in front of the whole world; this is what drives players to perform their best. The sense of pride also comes into play, you were called up to go and represent your country in the biggest tournament in the world.

Why is soccer called the beautiful game? There are many reasons why it has been and still is called the beautiful game. The name came from the famous Brazilian soccer player, Pele. He gave soccer this name while he was doing his time at Brazilian soccer team Santos. Being that he is regarded as one of the best ever to play the game, these words stated by him are to be forever remembered. He is now an important figure in FIFA today and people still continue to call soccer the beautiful game.

Soccer has had and still has a huge influence around the world. It is the most played and most watched sport in the world, no sport can compare to the number of fans that soccer has. Each and every continent on this planet has an influence of soccer in it. The biggest influence of soccer is in Europe and South America. These two continents absolutely dominate the game in every way possible. Since 1934 when the first World Cup took place, only seven teams have won the World Cup, four are from Europe and three are from South America. The only teams to win are Italy, Uruguay, Germany, Brazil, England, Argentina, and Spain. Over a billion people in the world watch the World Cup just from television alone, which does not include the hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions that attend the games at the stadiums.

There is always sportsmanship on the field during all soccer games. The players may yell, scream, and hurt each other during the match but once the final whistle is blown everyone is friends again. They have to give their heart out on the pitch and do whatever it takes to win. Both teams understand that any actions on the field should only be kept on the field because they would do the same if it was them. This is why at the end of every match all the players shake hands and exchange jerseys as a way to show sportsmanship, this also shows that no hard feelings are kept. If a player does not do this and simply just walks off the field they would most likely be criticized by the media and would be looked down upon. Many players dedicate goals that they score or win a game to others. Soccer is all about respect and some of the stuff you may see can truly warm your heart and fill it with love. None of the players really hate each other, they are there to play the best they could, have fun, and simply make a living.

Soccer is the best and biggest sport in the world and this is proved by many factors such as the salary, the major tournaments, and why soccer is called the beautiful game. It is called the beautiful game for many reasons and they all are true. In soccer you win and you lose, you have fights and you make up, and you give it your all to show why your there. The competition today is absolutely incredible, as many of the youth are stepping up and showing the world what they are capable of. The style of the game has changed over the years but the morale will forever stay the same. No matter how old you are, how good you are, or what team you play for; you go out on the field for the same reason that everyone else does and that can make you best. You can be the best player in the world and have a bad game and then your own supporters may go against you. The job of the fans should be to support your team no matter what and whether they have a good game or a bad game you shouldn’t leave your teams side.


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