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In today’s society, Social networking sites plays a major role in people’s lives. Social

Networking sites makes it easier for people to interact with each other and also makes a daily

task much easier. Social Networking sites has a major effect on schools, businesses and media.


To begin with, Social Networking sites has a major effect on schools. Nowadays, many

students rely on social networking sites for information instead of a textbook. Also students

tend to multi-task doing homework or studying while on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Many

people would say that those social networking sites are a distraction and also they’ve caused lack

of in person socialization. On the other hand, others think that social networking sites has helped

students in sharing their work and getting feedback from their peers. Also social networking sites

enables students that needs assistance to interact with people who can guide them.


One effect of Social Networking sites in schools is Cyberbullying. Cyber Bullying

occurs using a phone, PC, iPad/tablet or any other communication devices. Cyberbullying is

when a person post an embarrassing video or picture on their profile with the intention of ruining

someone’s image or reputation. This leads to the victims of Cyberbullying not attend school,

suicide, revenge or an overdose on drugs. According to the Youth Risk Behavior surveillance

survey, a study shows that 15% of High School students are being cyber bullied. Also, according

to a ABC news, over 30,000 students stay home everyday due to Cyberbullying. Cynthia

Sanchez, a fourteen year old girl, was being called out of her name on Facebook and was told to

kill herself. She then suffered from depression and this lead to her committing suicide.

Cyberbullying has a negative impact on schools but this was an outcome of Social Networking



Another effect of Social Networking sites is the effect of Cheating. There is a lot of

information being shared all over the Internet so this gives students the advantage to cheat. One

way a student would cheat online is taking information from a source without footnoting.

Teachers/Professors wouldn’t recognize because they would paraphrase some of the information.

Another way students would cheat through social networking is by paying other students to do

their online assessments and courses to pass the class. Also if a Professor was to give an online

exam the student would search the question for answers and score an A on the assessment. If the

student was to take the same exam in class the would score lower than when they took it online.

This shows the Professor that the student cheated by comparing the online exam and in class

scores. According to the Online Schools Center, in a study of 635 undergraduate and graduate

students, 32.7% cheated in an online class and only 2.1% were caught cheating. Students

cheating online is one of the effect of social networking sites in today’s society.


Social Change in schools is also an effect of Social Networking sites on Schools. Social

networking allows students to start movements and devote better changes in society and their

school. For example, college students are now protesting for free college tuition, this movement

started on Facebook. Students are overwhelmed by college tuition and being in debt after they

graduate. Also, students started movements on Facebook to stop Cyber-Bullying and as a result

of this Cyber-bullying went down by 30% in the last two years. According to The Challenger

Generation, 70% of young people believe that social media is a force for change. Social change

on social networking sites also occurs outside of the country, in countries such as Brazil they use

Facebook and Twitter to make datas available to the public to inform and to encourage their


In addition, social Networking sites plays a major role in Business. In today’s society

social networking sites is starting to become important in the business world. Businesses

uses social networking sites for promotion and advertisements for their services.

According to Forbes Magazine, about 94% of all businesses with a marketing

department uses social media as a part of their marketing platform. The three top Social

networking sites that businesses use are Google +, Facebook and Twitter. Small

businesses utilizes social networking sites to gain popularity in the market place.


One effect of Social networking on businesses is promotion of business online.

Nowadays it’s easier to start a business but the goal after is to promote it so more

customers buy your products. Many individuals promote their businesses online

by starting a blog, contributing to other online businesses and release multi-media

advertisements on YouTube. Promoting your business is easy because it cost you

no money at all. Social Networking does nothing but boost your business and

everything will most likely turn out it your favor. Studies show that 58% of

businesses who starts and promotes their business through social networking sites

have increased in sales. For example, promoting your business on Instagram or

Twitter using simple things such as hashtags will forward people to your page and

they’ll seek for more information.

Social Networking sites had a major effect On business through E-commerce.

E-commerce are transactions made electronically over the Interne. E-commerce included

sites on the internet such as Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. According to the Social

Times, about 75% of e-commerce sales were because of Facebook and Twitter. Majority

of consumers today rely on social networking sites for their purchases.


The use of Credit Cards online was major effect of Social networking sites on

businesses. Nowadays, you can actually use money online without going to an an

a bank or ATM. Online credit makes it easier to pay for your items. According to

Nielsen Online, 67% of the online population uses Facebook, Twitter, to

discussing what’s available and also sell their own products and that includes

using credit online. Another way you can use money online is a method called

Bitcoin where transactions are made with no banks. Also there are no transaction

fees and there’s no need to give your name. With Bitcoins you can buy

services online, hair-dos or even pizza. Social networking affected businesses

with the use of money online such as credit cards and Bitcoins.

Social Networking sites also had a major effect on Media. In the media many

news, video and pictures are being release and because of social networking sites

they become a trending topic for people. For example, if the media releases a

funny picture of a celebrity, social networking sites would now to make funny

memes about that picture and many people would talk about that with their

friends, coworkers or family members. Social Networking is the main reason why

topics or new become trending because of how many followers they have.


Social Networking sites also has effect on Media by Discovering Talent. Today many people post

a video of them showing their talents such as rapping, singing and dancing to gain recognition

and popularity. For instance, if someone did a covered song by Drake on Facebook and if a lot

people shared that video or liked the video that person would become famous. This leads to an

celebrity recognizing them and wanting to sign them to their label. This is how many talented

people are recognized today through Twitter, Facebook and also Instagram. If it wasn’t for these

social network sites it would be hard for these talented individuals to be recognized.


Social networking sites also had an effect on Media through Music. Through Social Networking

sites music is more available to people and also people won’t have to pay to get the music they

want. This isn’t illegal because most artist don’t care about the amount of sales on iTunes they

have they rather people just enjoy their music so they give those networking sites permission.

Also many music entertainers upload their music onto Soundcloud or Spotify and it cost the fans

who want to listen to their favorite songs zero dollars. Music became a big part in Social

Networking sites and this was one of the most beneficial things for people because it was easier

for people to listen to any song they want at any time.

Lastly, social networking sites also had an effect on Movies. Social networking sites made movie

more available and not too expensive for people to watch. Instead of going to the movies and

paying a load of money people would now rather watch Netflix.Netflix only cost a person $8

month. Netflix doesn’t only have movies but also TV shows such as Orange is the New Black.

Orange is the New Black was first a Netflix series but become more recognized and made it to

on live television. This show also helped the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender movement

and also promoted women’s rights.

In modern society, Social networking sites plays a major role in people’s lives. Social

Networking sites makes it easier for people to interact with each other and also makes a daily

task much easier. Social Networking sites has a major effect on schools, businesses and media.

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