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    According to OWL (link attached), there are criteria on evaluating bibliographic citations, aspects of evaluation,reading evaluation,print vs.internet sources, and evaluating internet sources. Such criteria should be carefully considered.
    Since the quantity of information is huge,not all available information is valid, useful, or accurate. Consequently, an important step in any research activity is to evaluate information’s sources. Effective evaluation is a skill needed for both research and life.
    We cannot know everything about a subject, and even so was assumed, there’s a problem of trying to decide which studies have produced reliable results.
    Responsible choices among such huge information is required to achieve credibility that you won’t regret.
    In regard to bibliographic citation, the author, the title, and the timeliness of the entry, should be considered before you read a source or spend time hunting for it.
    Keywords also might be checked to see what other categories the work falls into, evaluate this information to see if it is relevant and valid for your research.

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