RESD 1115 Fixed Prosthodontics I

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RESD 1115 Fixed Prosthodontics I
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Restorative Dentistry
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Fall 2012
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An introduction to the theory and practice of fabricating fixed prostheses including the construction of casts and dies, identifying margins, trimming, ditching, and articulation. Creation of provisional, composite resin and full metal coverage restorations including inlay/onlay, full anterior and posterior crown. Development of wax patterns for provisional restoration, as well as for full metal coverage, inlay and crown. Development of functional occlusal relationships, spruing, investing, burnout, casting, finishing and polishing of single unit restorations.
This course is a hybrid/ partially online course with lecture part being held 50% online and 50% in class.
This course meets the standards of a WI (Writing Intensive) course as specified by CUNY. NYCCT requires all associate degree students to pass two WI courses (one in the core curriculum and one in the major), and all baccalaureate degree students to pass four WI courses (two in the core curriculum and two in the major, with two of these passes prior to the completion of 45 credits).


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