Quality Matters

A 37-year-old native of New York City, as a child, Fard always had a fascination with reading superhero comic books and spending Saturday afternoons watching martial arts movies on television. This caused him start drawing heavily until his teens. As a freshman at Art and Design in New York City, he wanted Cartooning as his major. He was given a substitute major that was Fashion Illustration. In his first year, his professor taught the fundamentals of drawing using the art of the Old Masters. He realized life drawing from those examples would help develop his ability to far greater levels. Upon graduating high school, he obtained his Associate degree in Liberal Arts, while attending Bronx Community College (CUNY) and School of Visual Arts. After working for several businesses and companies, he was able to absorb knowledge, which benefited him as an artist and a businessman. His experience has motivated him to build his own brand and make a more significant mark in the design industry.

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