Publication Media – Fall 2012

Here is a repeat of the instructions for submitting your class projects. Remember, each class project is worth 20% of your grade. If a project is not submitted you will receive a zero (0) for that project. Project are due on the date that they are due. Not being in class is not an excuse for not submitting a project on time. Each project that is submitted late will have 5% deducted from it. 


• Make sure to save your file as a .PDF file. If you are not sure how to do this, use this video to help you (
• Name your file using the following format: your class section.poster.first initial last name
When named correctly, your filename should look like this… 7126postermbrown.pdf (use your name not mine)

If you are in the Monday class, the section number is 7126.
If you are in the Tuesday class, the section number is 7130.

Whenever you submit an assignment, YOU MUST use this naming format. It is important that you follow instructions or lose points from your grade.

DO NOT submit your assignment as a jpeg. ONLY PDF files. Thank you.

Use the Dropbox link that I sent to you via email on Tuesday to upload your assignment in the appropriate folder for your class. Your assignment should be submitted before class starts. If you did  not get the invitation to join the class dropbox folder, it is your responsibility to speak up about it. If your can’t log into your City Tech email account, it is your responsibility to get tech support help to have that resolved.

If you do not follow these instructions you risk not getting credit for your assignment.

Prof. M. Brown

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