Publication Media – Fall 2012

This is a reminder that the ADV1161 section 7130 class has to submit an extra project as a make for the class me missed because of the storm. This is a departmental requirement. That project is due on Tues, Dec 4.

Extra Project—Newsletter

Create a one-page newsletter in InDesign.
You are expected to use columns and a grid to create an organized page. You are to make up a topic and a name for you newsletter. Example, maybe the topic is Angry Birds, and the newsletter will go out to people who are fans of the game and love to play. You would come up with an appropriate title for your newsletter and design accordingly. If you are not familiar with what a newsletter is, research it/look it up. There is an example of a newsletter on page 51 & 233.


  • 8.5″ x 11″, one page
  • Full color
  • Use photos or illustrations
  • Create the masthead
  • Include 1 main story and 2 smaller stories
  • Make up the headlines for the stories, but use dummy copy for the body text
  • Everything that you’ve learned this semester should help you with this project
  • Use the tutorials to help with InDesign techniques
  • Save your file as PDF file with no crop marks
  • Name your file properly before submitting… 7130Newsletter-MBrown (substitute your own first initial and last name instead of mine