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Philosophy for me is a direction of life or value that we have to follow in our life. As a nurse, I believe a nurse is a person who has health knowledge with a caring spirit. I believe a nurse has no bias, discrimination, selfishness and behaves ethically. I believe ethics and morality are the important elements.
I used Watson’s Human Caring Theory and I followed the seven assumptions. I believe caring is what a person gives mentally and physically. Caring also promotes health and individual and family growth. Also, the practice of caring is a way to improve our skills, knowledge and interpersonal.
Nursing is an education and learning process. Nurses teach the patients what behaviors to avoid and what behaviors to strengthen. Culture plays a big part in the nursing field, especially in New York City, the melting pot. I believe that I will be very sensitive with every culture that I contact. Nurses’ jobs are to care, help and advocate for the patients. we are expected to deliberate on ethics and morals, values and social obligations. I believe that I will advocate for my patient to get the best care.

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