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  • COVID-19 Reflection
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    Coronavirus also known as COVID-19, which means coronavirus 2019, is a respiratory illness that resembles the virus called SARS. Like Sars the coronavirus first originated from animals that were sent to open live markets, a place where animals get slaughtered on the spot, with the intention to sell them to the people. Animals like pangolins and bats who’s genetic makeup makes them immune to most viruses. It was suspected that a pangolin wandered into a bat cave where the virus infected bats were residing in. Hunters then captured the pangolin with the intent to sell at the live market. From there as we know it, the virus started spreading rapidly in Wuhan which was said to be the epicenter of the virus. China’s communist action farther helped the virus spread since they tried to keep the virus a secret since they feared that this virus could lead to the people manifesting spite towards the regime.

    China finally stepped up and started taking action after the virus started ramping up which resulted in many deaths. Coronavirus then started making its way to other countries where it caused havoc around the world. At this point the virus was recognized as a global pandemic which in my opinion was the right thing to do. This virus primarily tests the immune system in a way that if the body fails to combat the influenza, it will literally make the lungs collapse. People that are in critical condition commonly see effects like collapsed lungs and in some cases pneumonia since the immune system is so weak it can’t fight the other viruses that’s inside the body.

    With this being the case, the imminent danger of this virus caused states in the U.S to announce a state of emergency to be able to get the adequate supplies they need to combat the global influenza. But some people aren’t even worried about the impact the virus has on people, what they care about the stock market. Dow Jones stock has plummeted with numbers resembling the great depression itself.

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