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Class Tour of Frontline Printing

Good Morning to all,   I have scheduled a class tour of Frontline Printing for Monday, April 29th. Frontline Printing […]

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The Future of Print

We ended our last class with a brief overview of print, onMonday we will expand on this topic and using […]

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Session: February 25, 2019

The History of Printing Links: The history of print from 1400 to 1499

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Mid-Term Project

Mid-Term Project – Thumbnails can be developed in class on Monday February 25th. The last hour of our class will […]

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Reverse Engineering – Session One

Here are a few links to review. Please select one of the three links, read the article and we will […]

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Digital Printing Links and Discussion – October 31, 2018

As stated during the class, digital print has changed the world of printing, these links will provide an in-depth review […]

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High res and Low res files

I found this link to be of interest, You may find it use full as well. This Clever Photoshop […]

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