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Field Trip Industrial Color

Our field trip to Industrial Color has been re-scheduled for November 18th.  I will send you a revised flyer later […]

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Mid-Term Project

Mid-Term Project – Thumbnails can be developed in class on Monday February 25th. The last hour of our class will […]

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Structural Graphics – In Class Monday, November 4, 2019

As discussed we will have a guest speaker as well as second class joining us. Please review the Structural Graphics […]

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Reverse Engineering – Session One

Here are a few links to review. Please select one of the three links, read the article and we will […]

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Field Trip – Monday 11/18/19

Morning to all, Just a brief reminder that our class planned for Monday will take place at Industrial Color. Field […]

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Final Exam

Good morning, Everyone passed the final exam, I did want to review some questions that most incorrectly answered. Q3) The […]

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Digital Printing Links and Discussion – October 31, 2018

As stated during the class, digital print has changed the world of printing, these links will provide an in-depth review […]

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