Production For Designers

Mid-Term Project – Thumbnails can be developed in class on Monday February 25th. The last hour of our class will be set aside for this project.

Per our class discussion the term project will be “due” in three parts.

  • Two thumbnail designs of the project are due to be sent to my EMAIL no later than end of the day Saturday, March 2nd, 2019.
  • Once reviewed and discussed you will need to send to me, again to my college email a full-sized design of the selected completed layout.
  • Once this new version has been discussed and any revisions made you will need to email to me (again to my college email) a full-sized print ready PDF of the final poster.

All creative project begins, with a creative brief, the creative brief for this project is below. A creative brief should contain all needed information to get the project started, define a series of delivery dates and present the assignment and final file preparation.

Creative Brief

Project Name: Mid-Term Project

 Project Description: Develop a movie styled poster that offers the class to potential students. The poster needs to include the name of the course, (Production For (4) Designers) my name as the starring instructor, your name as a key role, or in a starring role, at least one other student in the class as a supporting actor. The project needs to include an image, illustration or multiple images and illustrations that relate to the class, in class photographs are permitted. Include COMD 3532 – D258 as well and the location of the movie premier, use the College as the theater, the full address and logo. Project when finalized needs to contain crop marks, bleed, registration marks, color bars and tonal scale.

You will need to research the size of movie posters, (minimum size 24 x 26 inches) and any restriction or specifics that relate to the exhibiting of a printed movie poster.

As an option you can create a banner sized digital banner for use of a social media site or movie-based site.

Due Dates: Two thumbnail designs delivered by email no later than end of day Saturday, March 2nd, 2019

Revised full sized design of the selected design due my college email no later than end of day March 11th.

Final ready for print PDF file via email no later than, end of day, March 25th, 2019.