Production For Designers

On May 6th Ethan Goller, President of Structural Graphics will spend 90 minutes with us to discuss, present and answer questions regarding the concept of dimensional print, interactive print and its impact on the advertising, marketing and communications verticals.

Please review, and be prepared to ask one or two questions regarding the products offered by Structural Graphics, the solutions they offer, the success of campaigns that use Structural Graphic products, solutions solved and perhaps the most critical aspect the relationship that Structural Graphics has with the advertiser, creative, advertising, marketing communities.

Questions regarding production, idea conceptualization are also acceptable.

I will start the questions by asking – “How did Structural Graphics come about considering that in the early days of your firms’ life, print was considered a dying, nearly dead technology”?

“Is there a limit to what can be developed via the technologies offered by Structural Graphics and what proportion of technologies used are property to Structural Graphics?

Here are three links provided by Mr. Goller, that will illustrate the latest in their production partnerships. Physical samples we be on hand for review.

Toyota Camry “Pulse” magazine insert:

Audi A8 LED insert:

Audi A8 VIP DM: