Port NetBeans Lambda Expression Refactoring to Eclipse

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Port NetBeans Lambda Expression Refactoring to Eclipse
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Java 8 is one of the largest upgrades to the popular language and framework in over a decade. There are several new key features of Java 8 that can help make programs easier to read, write, and maintain. Java 8 comes with many features, especially related to collection libraries. These include such new features as Lambda Expressions, the Stream API, enhanced interfaces, and more.

While JDT Core/UI has incorporated many Java 8 quick fixes and refactorings, there are still many features left to be done. For example, NetBeans has a refactoring that converts loops to Lambda expressions. This project is for exploring the porting of the such conversion mechanism in NetBeans to Eclipse. These may be manifested as refactoring and/or “quick fixes.”

This project is open source. Please see the site link for downloads.

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