Plagiarism 101

Plagiarism 101 is a game designed for students that will help them learn how to recognize and avoid plagiarism. As of right now it is just an idea and no plans are made to implement it is considered. You would be able to play Plagiarism 101 on your computers, phones, and tablets. The questions will be divided into true or false questions as well as matching questions. The design of the questions will be created to teach third to eighth grade level students. It will be a total of 70 questions that will be randomly repeated each time the player decided to replay the game. Doing so will allow student to get a better understanding about plagiarism as well memorizing the information.

The design of the game will allow the player to create its own aviator. You can choose to be either a boy or a girl which will then allow the background of the game to be related to the gender that you chose. For example, the girl’s bedroom will be designed with dolls, flowers, and baking/cooking items with colors of pink, purple, and yellow. On the other hand the boy’s bedroom will be designed with sports items and colors of blue, green.

The story line of the game is that the player waited too long to do their English paper and as a result he/she decided to cheat and copy someone else’s work form the internet. The player’s teacher realized that the student plagiarized his/her work using a software. The player was placed on punishment after the teacher called his/her mother. The parents placed the player on punishment and as a result the player is unable to go to his/her friend’s birthday party. The only way he/she can go to the birthday party is if he/she cleans every rooms in the house. The player can only clean the house by clicking on the mess and then answering the plagiarism questions correctly.

The instruction will go as follows:

  • Click on each untidy area in the room
  • You will be asked one question for each untidiness
  • If you get the question right, the mess will be cleaned.
  • After you clean each room of, then you will be able to move onto the next room.
  • Once the entire house is clean, you will be able to attend the party.

The objective of the game is for the player to be able to answer all of the plagiarism questions correctly in order for him/her to be able to make it to the party. Once the player has finished with one room he/she can move on to the other room. There will be a total of 9 rooms with each room having the following amount of questions:

  • His/Her bedroom (5 questions)
  • Parent’s room (5 questions)
  • Sibling’s room (5 questions)
  • Livingroom (10 questions)
  • Kitchen (10 questions)
  • Bathroom (5 questions)
  • Attic (10 questions)
  • Basement (10 questions)
  • Garage (10 questions)

Also, when you get the answers correct, you will be rewarded with coins. The player would be able to use the coins to purchase clothes, food and gifts for their aviator. This will also encourage the player to keep playing and as a result instill the concept about plagiarism.