Personal Narrative Essay

Around the age of sixteen and up parents expect us teenagers to find a job. Applying for a

job is not the hard part but actually getting hired is. There are many ways to apply for a

job. For example, you can go to the store and asking to fill out an application or filling

one out online. My first job was at a Summer Camp, and working at a summer camp still

wasn’t enough to be hired at a retail store. Not being able to find a job gave me a feeling

of failure and rejection all the time but eventually I knew I would be to find one. .Finding

a job was hard for me because I wasn’t eighteen years old, needed retail store experience

and wasn’t available for the times the managers wanted me to work.


To begin with, one reason why finding a job was difficult for me was because I wasn’t eighteen years of age. I would walk into a store like Best Buy or Jimmy Jazz and ask if they

were hiring. They would say yes. They would tell me to apply online and then ask how old was I,

and I would say sixteen or seventeen. After I told them my age they would say that the store

only hires eighteen year olds and up. I think that they won’t hire anyone under eighteen years of

age because they assume that young people aren’t responsible enough or not mature enough.

Also people under age aren’t able to work long hours as the manager would want you to because

it is against the law. It is a law that no one under the age of eighteen should work above a certain

amount of hours while school is in session.That’s why most store owners hire eighteen years of

age and up because they can work long hours.


In addition, another reason why finding a job was difficult for me was because I had no retail

experience. I would only apply to retail stores because I wouldn’t want to work in a fast food

restaurant. I never understood the concept of having to had experience in order to work for a

retail store. I would always think to myself like where would I get the retail experience. I

applied to a lot of retail stores and I got a lot of emails back saying that I didn’t get the job or

that I wouldn’t be interviewed. I would have a sense of rejection every time and give up on

applying for jobs, but then I started looking for jobs that didn’t mind whether i had retail

experience. Those stores were Party City, Burlington Coat Factory,and K-Mart,and finally I was

called for an interview

for Party City. I was hired because they needed more workers to handle costumes as

Party City is the busiest retail store around Halloween time.


Lastly, it was very difficult for me to find a job because of my time availability or the hours

managers wanted me to work. Usually I would have basketball tournaments to go to after

school, and I would only be available on weekends. Most retail store I applied to were looking

to hire people who could work at least four days out of the week, but because I was only available on weekends my chance of getting a job were very low. Also, I wouldn’t be able to

work during the week because I would have to work after school and my parents wouldn’t

want me to get home late. They wouldn’t want me to also be late to school the next morning

because of how tired I was from working the night before.


A Lot of teenagers parents expect us to be able to find a job so we can see how the real world is.

Applying for a job is easy, but it’s difficult getting hired. Finding a job is difficult because most

retail stores hires eighteen years of age and up. Also, it’s difficult to find a job because you need

retail experience and without retail experience your chances of getting the job

are low. Lastly, time availability is another reason why it’s difficult to find a job. Despite those

difficulties, I was still able to find a job at Party City. Even though it can be hard people

shouldn’t give up on finding a job because they are some stores that don’t mind hiring people

with no retail experience.



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