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    Jonas Reitz

    As of a little while ago (within the last few hours) the menus at the top of the OpenLab have been looking wonky — in particular, each row of menu items is indented, and now wraps the last item, so “Log Out” on the first row, and “My Messages” on the second row, each now occupy their own line. I don’t think I’ve changed anything about my own settings (such as browser, zoom, etc). It occurs only after logging in, and in both Firefox and Chrome (on a Mac).


    Elizabeth Alsop

    Hi Jonas,

    I just noticed that myself, so it’s definitely not anything you’re doing! I’m assuming it’s a temporary glitch, but maybe someone else has a better sense of what is going on?



    Bree Zuckerman

    Hi Jonas and Elizabeth,
    I’m also seeing that in both Firefox and Safari. I’m guessing it’s a temporary issue.


    Maura A. Smale

    Hi everyone, thanks for pointing this out! I’ve raised it as a bug with the developers.


    Jody R. Rosen

    I saw that same wonky menu bar when I was on the OpenLab in my classroom and had assumed it was an old version of the browser. That raises another issue–how can we make sure that the computers in labs and in classrooms have newer versions of browsers? I remember this was an issue in N601B. When we sign in to a classroom computer as “faculty,” can we update the browser, or will we be prompted for an admin password? I’m happy to walk around to the computers near my office and update them if I have the necessary permissions. jrr

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