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    Prof. Paul King

    Hi everyone,

    Can we add a next / previous topic button to the forum? To read all the topics at present you need to keep going back to the full listing. This would make it much more readable.


    Prof. Gold

    Great suggestion. Thanks!


    Jody R. Rosen

    Thanks, Paul–I was going to ask for that!
    Also, is there anyone else who would want to know the date and author of the initial forum post? I can imagine that in the thick of the semester, there would be a need to more easily go back to a forum started by a particular student, or to identify a forum begun at a particular point in the semester.


    Bree Zuckerman

    Hi Jody, I agree that this would be helpful. For example, it’s hard to find someone’s course URL without knowing who began each forum topic, so I imagine the same would be true in a course, especially once there’s a lot of discussion. I’ll add it to the BP doc.

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