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    Maybe some of you encounter the problem that after adding a table with border (grid visible) to a page or post, the border whether does not appear or appears different than expected.
    In some templates (f.i. Openlab default and Coraline), this can not be fixed via the HTML editor. This is probably the case since the theme template contains CSS code with table border set to NONE. CSS has precedence. So far I know, the HTML/CSS theme code is not accessible via dashboard’s “Appearance” while using a free wordpress account. That is, it is not possible to set the table border to visible.

    When looking for theme templates, look if they have the option “custom CSS” or “CSS editor”. There might be some exceptions of newer theme templates f.i. from WOO themes that offer custom CSS even when using a free wordpress account.



    Maura A. Smale

    Hi Michael,

    I think you’re probably right about the theme’s CSS overriding any HTML you’ve added to a page or post. If you’ve come across any themes that allow table borders please let us know and we will look into adding them to the OpenLab. (I know you’ve already requested the Weaver theme.)



    Prof. Paul King

    Hi Maura and Michael,

    Typically you can override CSS by adding style code directly into the page. However I just ran a series of tests and found that the WordPress save feature removes this code as its processes – my guess this is to keep people from breaking their templates……..

    The trick moving forward is to have a template have more than one formatting choice for tables or other items…..

    I would need to do a little research on creating new wordpress templates to figure this out.



    Dan Wong

    Hi Michael,

    Did you try using inline styles? You may want to wrap the table in a div tag first.


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