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    Maura A. Smale

    Hi everyone, here’s our shared feedback document from July 13th.


    Maura A. Smale

    Sorry everyone, looks like the attachment didn’t load. Will let you know when we’ve got it uploaded.


    Shelley E Smith

    Sorry all who are getting email notification, but here is a long list of random comments on features and bugs for the OpenLab development team. No need for answers, I just want to get it to you for consideration . . .

    1) The behavior of the page and menu tabs at the top bar in WordPress is strange. Isn’t it standard practice to NOT be able to click on the “parent” in cases where there are sub-menus? I am assuming there is a web design standard, but this is what I recall as usual.

    2) Similarly, in OpenLab, it is a surprising discovery to find that clicking “Courses” brings up all courses, whereas the large 3-part menu would lead one to believe that you must choose there. It might be more straightforward to have “view all” or “browse” as options at the top of the menu, and then some search options (search in specific fields–course title, keywords, professor, semester, meeting times) and also the option to browse all and then sort on the above fields

    3) When you click “courses” should the menu disappear so you can see the result?

    4) Why do sub-menu items show up differently on the Group pages for different courses? e.g., compare History 1111 and Tooth Morphology.

    5) My Group page (Preservation Design Studio) is not automatically updating the web page names from my modified menu. I noticed that Peter’s were doing so yesterday, 07.13.11.

    6) Looking at the Tooth Morphology website (WordPress), which has a background color (not white), you realize that the OpenLab white bar at the top of the page extends all of the way to the right but not all of the way to the left, and grey bar at bottom is aligned with white bar at top on the left but not on the rights

    7) On any website, the “site admin” is available, but it is a surprise to find it takes you into YOUR site, not the one you are on. I am not saying we SHOULD be able to get into each other’s dashboards (though it would be cool to poke around and see how certain things were done).

    8) I have two projects, but only one shows up on my public profile page. I see them both on the pull-down under “Projects”

    9) In order for full name to appear with middle initial on the faculty page, first name has to be “Shelley E” or “Jody R”

    10) I don’t think we want first names only under “Friends”; how will I know which “Peter” it is? Will students see only our first names?

    11) Philosophical . . . I am not sure what I think about “Friends” in this context . . .

    12) On the faculty page, I don’t think “Member since ___” is the most important thing about us . . . what about “Assistant Professor, Architectural Technology”?

    13) My course (Preservation) is not appearing when I select Architectural Technology in the big 3-part menu

    14) On the Group page, under the course name, where it says “Faculty:” the name should be a full name, not just a first name

    15) What are “CityTech Sites” (text on the default template pages in WordPress)? Aren’t they OpenLab sites (or at least City Tech Sites, with a space between City and Tech)

    16) I notice on some web pages, when you return using the back button, you return to the same view that you left (e.g., mid- or bottom of page); that would be useful and less irritating . . . . I find myself constantly paging down to get back to where I left in many views.


    Shelley E Smith

    And fix that guy with the sunglasses!!! (result of the numeral 8 followed by a close-parentheses)


    Bree Zuckerman

    Thanks, Shelley. I also created a Buddy Press doc with this list that everyone can edit.


    Maura A. Smale

    Hi everyone, I’ve also added the text from the August 2-3 workshops to the doc that Bree created.

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