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    I always wanted my students to be the best in their fields and not just some average engineers, instructors or scientists. To accomplish that, one needs the right information: be up to date with what is going on all over the world in one’s field and not only (new scientific discoveries, strategically, etc) , in other words be global; be a member of professional societies and keep up to date with the on going research in that particular field. Remote Sensing field is relatively new and not many students are aware of it. Being so interdisciplinary this course is suitable to students in Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Chemistry and Physics. In this regard a transparent source for this course is most wanted in the form of a website that should be accessible to students from any majors and levels of education. These are the reasons why I am working on putting together the website for the Remote Sensing course. In the process of creating this website I became more and more passionate about it. Just think about the widgets! They are so great! Additionally, the platform on which we are building these sites is so user friendly. Of course there are glitches here and there but in the end I believe everything will run smoothly. At this moment I am still having some problems seeing my courses through People or Courses (the RS course is set as public) and loading files that are larger than 4MB. There are more little problems but they were all recorded during the workshop and therefore I am not going to enumerate them here anymore. In the end, I am so excited about this site and I shall do my best to create it in a professional manner.

    Note:I would like to mention here that Remote Sensing is not a first year course and we were asked to create websites for first year courses. I did not do it because I believe that when you first learn about creating sites you should do it with a course that is very close to your heart. This keeps you motivated and encourages you not to give up at the first problems encountered in the website creation process. In my opinion the passion for a course is the main drive for creating the site before all other reasons (see “teaching in compelling contexts”). As we all know, there is a learning curve with anything. Once one is done with his/her first website, the experience gained in this process is going to make things easier and faster the second time.


    Prof. Gold

    It’s great to see your excitement and passion, Viviana!! We’re definitely working on all of the bugs recorded during the planning session, so thank you for your patience as we work through them.

    I completely understand your reasons for choosing to create a site for a course you’re passionate about. My only concern has to do with data collection, since we’re working with the AIR office to try to see what effect using this site has on student experiences and student retention. I’ll need to check through our materials to see whether or not we promised to analyze those numbers by the year of the course.

    In any case, thanks again for all of your work.

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