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  • private group / public site -- two issues
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    Jonas Reitz

    I think many projects will use the model “public site / private group”, in which the group is used for internal/administrative functions by the committee/administrators, and the site is for the general public. One example I have been working on is the Undergraduate Research Committee — the site is here:

    Two things:
    1. “Project Home” still appears as the primary menu link on the site, even though this takes you to the group page that is really intended for administrative functions. Can we disable it (either by hand, or automatically when the associated group is private)?
    2. On the Group page, there is a message indicating that it is a private project and you must join to participate. However, beneath this the “Recent Site Posts” and “Recent Site Comments” feeds are still active, and display excerpts of (private) posts/comments. Can we disable these for private groups?



    Maura A. Smale

    Hi Jonas,

    The Undergraduate Research Committee project looks great! I agree that the Project Home/Site Home distinction is confusing in this case, and it’s actually on our list of changes to make already (I’ll add you as another vote for a change).

    The reason that posts/comments are visible on the group page is that the site is public, only the group is private. You can definitely change this if you’d like the site to be private too — head to the site’s Dashboard, then choose Settings –> Privacy from the left navbar to change your privacy options.

    Hope this helps! Please give a shout if you have any other questions.


    Jonas Reitz

    Hi Maura,
    I didn’t notice that the posts/comments were coming from the site, not the group, and it makes good sense why they would be visible.
    Thanks as always for your quick responses,

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